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When you want to apply for a position as a First Class AUPAIR4ALL, you have to pass our interview and successfully complete our special training (Because of the pandemic: Webinar at this moment).

You have to attend our special developed intensive training of one week at our training center in Legazpi. You need to pay 34 euro agency fee before you can join the training or webinar (not refundable). The training is concentrated on au pair rules (Declarations/Statements), Dutch language and culture, western childcare, cooking, inter cultural communication, western household duties, bicycle lessons, etc. The western and international way of cooking will be learned. Handouts, use of materials, assessment of our psychologist (only on request of a host family) are free of charges. 3 Meals a day, water and accommodation are included. AUPAIR4ALL will refund your travel cost.

This training/Webinar is compulsory for all AUPAIR4ALL au pairs.

You will need around P2,200 for your paperwork (passport + apostille birth certificate), excluded travel cost.

If the host family finds it important you need to undergo medical tests. If you fill in that you are able to swim, you need to show us a swimming certificate, when the host family asks for it. You will receive this money back from AUPAIR4ALL.

You don’t have to pay a cash bond to AUPAIR4ALL!

AUPAIR4ALL will pay for your CFO seminar (P550) (according the guidelines of the Philippine Government).

AUPAIR4ALL will pay for your travel cost (roundtrip) from your place of departure to our training center in Legazpi. We only accept applicants who have to spend not more than P1,500 for a roundtrip. AUPAIR4ALL au pairs are very popular because of our intensive screening and training procedure.

We believe in solidarity, so we donate a part of our profits to help the people in the Philippines. School projects: to help children finishing their school; Aid after disasters of nature like typhoons, volcano eruptions, land slides, floods, fires. AUPAIR4ALL is raised by the intention to help young people in the Philippines to see something of the world and to earn some money for a better future.