Recognised by the Ministry of Justice and Security


1. Are you mediating au pair candidates from other countries?
We can mediate them as long as there are no restrictions for them to leave their country and they have to spreak proper English and meet al obligations.

2. There are more au pair agencies who are specialised in Filipino au pairs. Are they trustworthy and accurate?
Some of them are and some of them are not. Some of them are not even recognised by the Dutch Government and their procedures will not succeed. AUPAIR4ALL is recognised by the Dutch Government and has more than 20 years experience with recruiting and mediating au pairs. We do what we say and we say what we do. Most au pair agencies work with agents and this will raise the cost enormously and you never know if those agents will follow all Dutch au pair rules and regulations. Lot's of agencies only concentrate on profit, marketing and au pair activities and not on their lawful duties: Duty of care, Duty of information and Duty of administration. Several agencies lost their IND recognition. Be on the safe side and choose AUPAIR4ALL!

3. We still doubt to start the procedure for a(n) (Filipino) au pair. Is it possible to contact one of your host families to give us ideas how life will be with an au pair in the house?
Yes that is always possible. Please contact us!

4. Are you a reliable au pair agency?
Yes, we are the largest placement agency for Filipino au pairs of the Netherlands and that is not without reason. Since 2010, AUPAIR4ALL is IND covenant holder. Since 01 June 2013 AUPAIR4ALL is recognised by the Ministry of Justice and Security . We do what we say and say what we do. If you like to have references, please do not hesitate to contact us!

5. How long will it take before the au pair will be part of our family?
That is depending of all parties within the visa-residence permit application procedure. It lasts approximately 3 months before the au pair will be part of your family. We strongly advise to start the procedure for your (next) au pair in time!

6. We personally know somebody who we would like to use as an au pair in the Netherlands. Can we also make use of your services?
Yes you can. You and the candidate au pair should both register with us. After we interviewed the candidate we decide if we will offer you our intermediary services for this candidate. The rest of the procedure is the same. All candidates will do our Webinar. We are not mediating relatives of the host family, or candidates with children, and/or who are married. We also do not mediate candidates with a boyfriend/girlfriend in The Netherlands.

7. How many people need to be part of our family to apply for an au pair and what are the income requirements?
The family must consist of at least two people who are registered at the same address in the municipal administration. This can be one parent with a child or two adults. Married couples and people living together must have an income of at least € 3,200.40 gross per month, excluding holiday allowance. Single parents must have an income of at least € 2,560.32 gross per month, excluding holiday allowance. These amounts are applicable as from 01 July till 31 Dercember 2024.

8. How long will my au pair stay and can the stay be extended?
Your au pair will receive a residence permit for one year and can therefore stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of one year based on the ‘au pair’ purpose of temporary residence. After that she will need to leave the Netherlands.

9. I find it important that my au pair has sufficient social contacts in The Netherlands. Do you provide assistance on that?
Yes, we provide assistance on that. We also think it is important for your au pair to have social contacts. Most of our au pairs do have a contact person / family and call and visit each other regularly. Where necessary we can also get them into contact with each other.

10. Do I lose my privacy with the presence of an au pair?
The answer on this question depends on your definition of ‘privacy’ and the measurements/infrastructure of your house. It is compulsory for the au pair to carry out her activities via a day schedule. Via this day schedule it is clear for the au pair and you when she is working and when she is off. When you like it to be without au pair on certain moments, you can agree with her that she will go to her room or visit friends, if she likes that. It is within the meaning of the au pair program that the au pair will undertake things without her host family. This means that she will not always stay with her host family after finishing her activities, but go out. Some host families have created a room included toilet/bath/shower facilities. If you like to have privacy in this kind of circumstances, you can realise this for the au pair.

11. Is AUPAIR4ALL helping us when our au pair needs extra support?
Of course we will help your au pair! So now and then there are au pairs who need some extra support. The culture difference is immense and all au pairs suffer from home sickness in the first weeks. They approximately need one till two months to adapt to the life in The Netherlands. We offer extra training for au pairs who need this. (free of charges)

12. There is no match between us and the au pair. What now?
‘No match’ can contain various information. When you feel that there is no match, please contact us right away. AUPAIR4ALL will investigate the causes together with you and/or the au pair. After knowing the causes, we will look for the possibilities of improvement and we will make agreements with you and/or the au pair. To have the feeling of no match will mostly be caused by cultural differences in behaviour and/or with certain expectations. Happily, it is extremely rare that host families and au pairs have no match. AUPAIR4ALL created an extended warrantee scheme for host families. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

13. It is financially justified to start with an au pair?
We definitely think so! It depends of course primarily on your economic security in a minimum period of one year from the time the application for an au pair to start. The cost for an au pair annually are about 8800 Euros including VAT. Of you pay about 28% at the beginning of the procedure and 26% when the au pair arrives and then every month for 12 months about 3.80%. So from the moment that the au pair has been arrived, you pay only 340 euros pocket money per month and occasionally the cost of toiletries and trips. An au pair provides a lot of peace and regularity in the house and creates for you and your (potential) partner an excellent climate at home completely unwind and to perform optimally at work. You could almost say that an au pair is a guarantee for economic security!

14. I like to bring my Filipino girlfriend to The Netherlands. Can she be an au pair via your agency?
No, that is not possible. Being au pair is ''cultural exchange'' and not ''family formation''. Via the IND you can start the procedure for ''familiy formation''.

15. What are the ideological reasons for the existence of AUPAIR4ALL?
AUPAIR4ALL has been started at 2003. The owner, Mrs. Lea Hogervorst-Mapa is a Filipino from origin. The following reasons where and are the basis of our existence:
* To give youth the chance to know the Dutch culture and society;
* To give youth the chance to have an income to finance their later study and to find a job and are able to gain a higher status;
* To help school children in the Philippines by buying school supplies like scripts, pencils, bags, school uniforms etc. for them;
* To help people in the Philippines who lost everything after disasters (of nature).We live in the awareness of the huge difference in material welfare between the Philippines and The Netherlands. Therefore we feel the moral obligation to help the people in the Philippines.

Last update: 02-07-2024